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GetGravel-Horizontal-300x1200 black border.png by River Road Landscape Supply is an easy and innovative way to order soil, gravel and mulches! 

Pre-Order Today!

Pre-order your materials for delivery or pick-up using our NEW, incredibly easy online ordering system.

Sample of Materials in a Yard Canva.jpg

Soil, Gravel, and Mulch
for Every Yard Project!

We've gathered all of the best materials from Prince George's most reliable suppliers and consolidated them into one convenient location!


1. We Load
(Even your Honda Ridgeline)

  1. Drive up to Drive-Thru Window

  2. Choose a Product & Pay

  3. Get Safely Loaded

  4. Get Back to work within minutes

Get it Delivered.jpg

2. We Deliver
(Even as little as One Cubic Yard)

​We Make it Painless:​

  1. Visit, call or place an order online.

  2. We can help with what you need and how much you need.

  3. Get it delivered at the agreed time (Uusually within a day of order.)

3. Just a Little

  1. Bring a container such as a 5-gallon Bucket, tote or garbage can.

  2. We charge based on size.

  3. You get as much or as little as you need. (We provide the shovel)

Trust our Experience Drivers

We have sold over 50,000 cubic yards of materials over the last ten years.

Our skilled drivers specialize in residential deliveries since that is all we do!

Picking Up Soil, Gravel & Mulch

A Typical Experience: Have you ever gone to purchase half a cubic yard of dirt, only to have to get out of your vehicle...walk into an office...wait in back to the vehicle...get lost...wait and hope someone comes to load you....just to have it dumped all over your tailgate???

A River Road Landscape Supply Experience: We are the only company that specializes in loading pickup trucks, small and large. All you have to do is:

  1. Drive up to the Drive-Thru Kiosk.

  2. View Samples and Pricing and Choose a Product.

  3. Pay (we take credit and debit cards and offer a cash discount.) 

  4. Get Loaded with a custom bucket that ensures no mess is made.

  5. Drive Away and finish your project. (No turning around necessary.)

Load of dirt on tarp.jpg

Prefer to have it delivered?

A Typical Experience You call ten businesses; some of them don't answer, and others don't want to talk to you because you just need a "small" load. You need two different products, which means arranging delivery from two companies...a very large truck shows up, tears up your yard turning, and now you have an additional project to deal with.

A River Road Landscape Supply Experience: We have taken all of the hassle out of ordering bulk materials and adopted a 24-7 online ordering system that is probably the easiest thing you will do all day. Watch this quick video to find out how.

Joyce D

"Thank you for the excellent service! My crushed rock is wonderfully placed on the tarp in the driveway exactly as I hoped for."

Susan W

"Staff was helpful and very pleasant took time to work through my order with me."

Scott C

"Great company to deal with, very professional and delivered 5 yards of garden mix the same day, on time hassle free. And it looks like great quality dirt .. 5 stars ! Cheers"
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